DO YOU HAVE A?の意味、ちょっとよろしいですか。

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If you're not busy right now, there's something we'd like to talk to you about ...

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
DO YOU HAVE A (MINUTE/MOMENT)?   ちょっとよろしいですか。


  • If you have something important to discuss with someone, you can request a little of their time by asking Do you have a minute? or Do you have a moment?
  • 誰かと話し合う大切な用件があり、その相手に少し時間を割いてもらいたいとき、Do you have a minute? または Do you have a moment? と言います。



  1. (Terry is Peter's supervisor)
    TERRY: (hearing a knock at his office door) Come in!
    PETER: (opening the door and walking in) Hello, Terry! Do you have a minute?
    TERRY: Of course. I was just taking care of some e-mail.
  2. (Ron is at the copier as Ted passes by)
    RON: Hey, Ted, do you have a minute?
    TED: Sure. What's the problem?
    RON: Do you know how to make double-sided copies on this machine?
  3. (after class at business school)
    STUDENT: Excuse me, Professor, do you have a moment?
    PROFESSOR: Actually, I have to teach another class across campus in a few minutes. Can you come see me during office hours?