COME IN、CAN I COME IN?の意味、お入り下さい。、入ってもいいですか。

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It's a pleasure to be greeting you once again! We hope you had a fine weekend.

This week, we're rehearsing a situation we all face now and then: asking someone at work for a moment of their time. So give us a little of your time, and we'll equip you with all the expressions you need to make that first move with confidence!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
COME IN. / CAN I COME IN?   お入り下さい。/入ってもいいですか。


  • When you're INSIDE an office, room, house, etc., you can invite someone inside by saying Come in.

    When you're OUTSIDE an office, etc., and you want permission to enter, ask Can I come in?
  • オフィス、部屋、家の中などにいて、誰かを招き入れるとき、Come in. と言います。

    オフィスなどの外にいて、中に入る許可を得たいときは、Can I come in? と言います。



  1. (hearing a knock on your office door)
    Come in!
  2. (at the front entrance of Brad's home)
    GUEST: Hi!
    BRAD: Hello! It's good to see you! Come in.
  3. (through the open doorway of his supervisor's office)
    EMPLOYEE: Can I come in?
    SUPERVISOR: Of course. Have a seat.

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