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If we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, then we probably shouldn't let the look of what's inside sway our opinion, either. But the clean, neat appearance of some pages can be so inviting, while the slapdash look of others could make even Dickens or Hemmingway seem distasteful.

Here's a word to use when describing this important aspect of a book!

Today's Lesson
FORMAT   体裁を整える、書式、体裁、ファイル形式


  • To format (verb) a document, Web page, etc., is to show and arrange the text and graphics in a particular way.

    The noun form is also format.

    The file format or format of a digital file is the way that information is stored in the file when using a particular application; for example, .txt, .jpg, and .mp3 are common file formats.
  • 動詞の format は、文書やウェブページなどの文章や画像を特定の形式で表示させ、整える、という意味です。

    名詞形も format で、書式、体裁、という意味です。

    デジタルファイルの file format または format とは、特定のアプリケーションを使ったときに、ファイルに情報が保存される形式のことです。例えば、txt(テキスト)、jpg(ジェイペグ)、mp3(エムピースリー)は、よく使われる file format です。



  1. Perhaps we should format the Web page so that it's more printer-friendly.
  2. The book will be published in paperback, audio, and large-print formats.
  3. I got your e-mail, but can't read the attached file. What format is it in?

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