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There are those who live to create words, and then there are those who prefer to add polish to the words of others!

Today's Lesson
EDIT   (原稿に)手を入れる、編集する


  • To edit a document or other text is to prepare it for publishing or other use by correcting mistakes and making improvements and other changes.

    To edit a book, magazine, newspaper, etc., is to be in charge of planning and publishing it; for example, deciding what articles and graphics to include.

    An editor is someone whose job is to edit something.
  • 書類やその他の文章について edit と言うと、誤りを修正したり、改良などの変更を加えたりして、出版などの用途のために準備をする、という意味です。

    書籍、雑誌、新聞などについて edit と言うと、それらの企画や出版を担当する、という意味で、例えば、どんな記事や図表を掲載するかを決めたりします。

    editor とは、編集を仕事とする人、つまり、編集者のことです。



  1. a: Will you be publishing the newsletter soon?
    b: In a few days. It's still being edited.
  2. The talk will have to be edited for length (= made shorter). Presenters are only given 10 minutes each.
  3. She lives the glamorous life of a fashion magazine editor.
  4. He started out as a proofreader fresh out of college and rose through the ranks to become chief editor.

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