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Sometimes the WordMaster likes to slip off the somewhat constricting habit of a weekly theme and assemble a set of topics that have little in common except for their indisputable value as tools for the businessperson. This is such a week. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Today's Lesson
(business) ASSOCIATE   同僚、(仕事)仲間


  • An associate (noun) is someone that you work with.
  • associate (名詞)とは、一緒に働く人、つまり、同僚のことです。

(business) ASSOCIATE


  1. I'm having lunch with some business associates.
  2. Since most of my associates in the company were speaking Japanese around me all day, I learned the language very quickly.
  3. She works for Berlitz & Associates, Inc.
  4. They say the new VP's great grandfather was a close associate of Maximilian Berlitz. Apparently, they opened several language schools in New York together.

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