@Work 2010.12.14
We'll be brief!
Today's Lesson

BRIEF (someone)  (人)に前もって情報や指示を与える


To brief someone is to help them prepare to do something by giving them information or instructions.
brief +(人) は、人に情報や指示を与えて、その人の事前の準備を助ける、という意味です。
BRIEF (someone)


1 (supervisor to staff)
I'd like everyone to be at today's meeting so that I can brief you on the upcoming move.
2 (member of the press)
Someone from the company's PR department briefed us on what would be discussed at the press conference.
3 (at the head office)
a:  Did Jerry tell you what's been happening at the Mexico City office?
b:  Yes. I was briefed on the situation yesterday.
4 (senior manager to president of the company)
a:  I'm afraid that's all the news I have at the moment.
b:  OK. Keep me briefed as things develop.
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