(OFFICE) DYNAMICSの意味、(職場の)力関係、力学

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Today's Lesson
(OFFICE) DYNAMICS   (職場の)力関係、力学


  • The dynamics (usually plural) in a particular group are the way that the people in that group behave with each other.
  • 特定の集団における dynamics (通常は複数形)とは、その集団に属する人々の互いの関わり方、つまり、力関係のことです。



  1. The dynamics of the office have really changed since Terry resigned.
  2. Profit sharing can be an effective way to improve employer-employee dynamics.
  3. (to a female employee about to leave for a post abroad)
    The male-female dynamics there will be very different from what you're used to.
  4. This seminar will explore some of the basic principles of small-group dynamics.

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