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Today's Lesson
MANNERS   行儀、作法


  • Manners (plural) are polite ways of behaving when you're with other people.
  • manners (複数形)は、人といるときの礼儀正しいふるまい方、つまり、行儀や作法のことです。



  1. It's just good manners to turn off your cell phone on a crowded train.
  2. I know that it's considered good manners in some countries to belch loudly after being treated to a meal, but it's considered very bad manners here.
  3. My sister's children really have no manners and are awfully (= very) self-centered.
  4. Do you think you could give me a quick lesson on Japanese table manners before I leave for Tokyo?

英会話レッスンMind your manners. :)