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2009.11.02 (Review of 2007.04.09 edition)

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The Internet, like so much of modern technology, has spawned thousands of new words. But the typical businessperson shouldn't need to worry about learning them all, especially when you have the WordMaster on your side! Count on him to sort through the clutter and show you the words to use and the words to lose.

So here's the first of four indispensable expressions for communicating in the Information Age!

Today's Lesson
WIRELESS   無線、無線の(コンピュータ・ネットワーク)


  • The word wireless can be used alone (as an uncountable noun) or as an adjective to refer to a computer network that allows you to communicate with other computers in the network, or to access the Internet, without a cable or telephone connection.
  • wireless は、(数えられない名詞として)単独で使う場合と、形容詞として使う場合があり、ケーブルや電話による接続を利用せずに、ネットワーク上のほかのコンピュータと交信したり、インターネットに接続したりできるコンピュータ・ネットワークのことをさします。



  1. (customer to coffee shop employee)
    Do you have free wireless here?
  2. There must be something wrong with the wireless connection. I don't get a signal on my laptop.
  3. With so many computers in your office, you really should set up a wireless network.
  4. (executive to her assistant)
    When you book the room, don't forget to ask if the hotel provides wireless Internet access.

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