PEAK (v.) (n.)の意味、頂点に達する、頂点

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2007.03.08(Review of 2004.12.22 edition)

There's no place like the top!

Today's Lesson
PEAK (v.) (n.)   頂点に達する、頂点


  • To peak (verb) means to reach the highest or best point.

    The peak (noun) is the highest point or value, or the point at which something is best.
  • 動詞の peak は、最高地点、最高潮に達する、という意味です。

    名詞の peak は、最高地点、最高値、または、最高潮のことです。


  1. Retail sales usually peak in the fourth quarter due to the holiday shopping season.
  2. Prices for international flights from Japan tend to peak during the summer.
  3. Foreign exchange and securities markets were heavily affected by the peak in oil prices.
  4. The number of subway passengers reaches a peak during rush hour.
  5. At the peak of his career, Jack was one of the most influential financial analysts in the country.
  6. (hotel reservations clerk)
    I'm sorry, but we're already fully booked for Golden Week. It's our peak season.
  7. Peak viewing time for TV is called the “golden hour” in Japan and “prime time” in the United States.
  8. In July and August, during the peak of the summer heat, it's important to try to reduce energy use, especially during peak demand times.

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