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2005.07.28(Review of 2003.10.02 edition)

Don't like taking chances with your money? Need reliable income every year? Saving for your kid's college education or a down payment on a house? Well, have we got an investment option for you! His name is ...

Today's Lesson
BOND   債券


  • A bond is a document showing that you have given a company or government organization money which they must pay back with interest.
  • bond は、企業や政府機関などが発行する借用証書で、利息をつけて借金を返済することを保証したものです。


  1. In order to help finance the new high-speed train system, the government decided to issue $10 million in bonds.
  2. Most of my retirement money is invested in bonds.
  3. We bought a ten-year bond to help pay for my son's college education.
  4. Please don't worry. The company is in great financial shape. Your bonds will be repaid in full and on time.

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