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Hello! Today we shoot for the moon!


  • An ambitious (adjective) person or organization wants very much to be successful, rich, or powerful.

    To have ambition (noun) is to be ambitious.

    A plan, idea, etc., is ambitious if it requires a lot of effort, money, etc.
  • ambitious (形容詞)とは、人や組織について使う場合、成功したり、金持ちになったり、または権力をもつことを強く望んでいる、つまり、大望のある、野心のある、という意味です。

    have ambition (名詞)とは、大望、野心を抱く、という意味です。

    計画や考えなどについて ambitious と言うと、多くの努力やお金などを必要とする、つまり、大掛かりな、ということです。



  1. The new kid on the block seems very ambitious, doesn't he? I bet he rises through the ranks fast.
  2. I used to have a lot more ambition than I do now. Actually, I was kind of a workaholic.
  3. It was always his ambition to become a doctor, so he worked very hard in school.
  4. The company has announced ambitious plans for expansion.
  5. I realize this is a rather ambitious schedule, but we have no time to waste.
  6. Don't you think it's a little over-ambitious to take on so many new clients all at once?

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