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2007.01.31(Review of 2004.09.22 edition)

Here's a survey method for those who prefer the direct approach!

Today's Lesson


  • An intercept survey is a survey conducted by going to stores, airports, street corners, etc. in order to meet people in a target group and ask them questions in person.
  • intercept survey は、商店や空港、街頭などに出向いて調査対象である人々に会い、直接質問することによって行われる調査のことです。


  1. One of the benefits of intercept surveys is that they allow the interviewer to observe people's facial expressions and body language while they respond to questions.
  2. We conducted an intercept survey among customers entering the store in order to find out how they heard about us and why they came.
  3. I'd suggest doing an intercept survey. You'll get a higher response rate than with a mail or phone survey.

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