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2008.02.18(Review of 2006.06.19 edition)

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Although we all need to make a living, there's a lot more to business than just the bottom line. That's why ideas such as “service” and “integrity” loom large among some of the world's finest corporations. Shouldn't everyone's aim be to profit by doing the right thing? We'll be elaborating on that theme this week as we explore the good, the bad, and the ugly in the world of business!

Today's Lesson
ETHICAL   道徳・倫理的な


  • To be ethical is to be morally correct as judged by the standards of your profession or society, or to be related to what is morally right and wrong.

    Someone's ethics are their beliefs regarding what is morally correct behavior.
  • ethical とは、職業上、あるいは社会的な基準にもとづいて、道徳的に正しいと判断される、または、道徳的な正誤に関する、道徳・倫理的な、という意味です。

    ethics とは、何を道徳的に正しい行動と考えるかに関する個人的信条、つまり、道徳、倫理のことです。



  1. Just because an action is legal doesn't make it ethical.
  2. Do you think it's ethical to lie about your age in order to get a job?
  3. I have always done my best to conduct my business in an ethical manner.
    My conscience is clear.
  4. The physicians and psychologists who work here follow the highest ethical standards.
  5. Everyone who knows her admires her. She's the most ethical and courageous person I've ever met.
  6. I've never agreed with Sam's professional ethics. He has never hesitated to use his position for personal gain.
  7. Many citizens began to question the ethics of trading with a country that promotes terrorism.
  8. It's no wonder he has so many enemies. He's completely lacking in ethics.

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