(WAGE) FREEZEの意味、(賃金)凍結

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In the cold of mid-winter, today's WordMaster could seem doubly chilling!

Today's Lesson
(WAGE) FREEZE   (賃金)凍結


  • To freeze (verb) wages, rent, prices, etc., is to cause them to stay at current levels for a period of time.

    The noun form is also freeze.
  • 動詞の freeze は、賃金、家賃、物価などを、しばらくの間現在の水準のままにしておく、つまり、凍結する、という意味です。

    名詞形も freeze で、凍結、という意味です。



  1. (city official)
    After three years of soaring rent prices, we've decided to freeze rents throughout the city.
  2. By freezing interest rates for five years, the government hopes to slow foreclosures.
  3. Labor has agreed to a two-year voluntary wage freeze to help the company through the current financial crisis.
  4. The university has just announced a hiring freeze, effective immediately.
  5. Now that inflation seems to be under control again, we expect the government to lift (= end) the price freeze very soon.

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