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Hello, hello! We're so pleased to be back here with you again! Did you enjoy your three-day weekend?

Our theme this week is “Cause and Effect”, which sounds very abstract, we know. But this week's expressions are anything but abstract. For as you surely know by now, the WordMaster only does three kinds of English: practical, practical, and practical!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
THE REASON WHY   ~する(した)理由、原因


  • We use the expression the reason why to explain why something happens.

    Be Careful! This expression is immediately followed by what happens.
  • the reason why は、あることをする、あるいはした理由や原因を説明するときに使う表現です。




  1. The reason why so many people lose money in casinos is because the house (= the casino) always has the advantage.
  2. a: Have you ever noticed what a good listener Patricia is?
    b: Sure. That's the reason why she has so many friends.
  3. Would you like to know the reason why Hank got that promotion instead of you? It's because he works twice as hard as you do.

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