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2009.05.27(Review of 2004.04.06 edition)

Now here's an interesting pair of words - so much alike, and yet so different. Be careful which one you choose!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
(work) HARD vs. HARDLY (work)   
一生懸命に(働く) vs. ほとんど(働か)ない


  • Hard - as in “work hard,” “play hard,” “study hard,” etc. - means “with much effort.”

    Hardly means “almost not at all.”
  • work hard 、 play hard 、 study hard などの hard は、大いに努力して、つまり、一生懸命に、という意味です。

    hardly は、ほとんど~ない、という意味です。

(work) HARD vs. HARDLY (work)


  1. We'll have to work hard if we're going to finish this job by tomorrow.
  2. It's a shame she didn't win a medal. She trained so hard.
  3. I heard that high school students study very hard to pass the entrance examinations, but that they hardly study at all once they get into college.
  4. (while trying to push a car out of a snowdrift)
    Push harder! You're hardly even trying!

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