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For Life

We've all been given the gift of another day of life, and the glory of Japan's autumn in which to enjoy it! Some say it's only children who understand how to fully enjoy life. So as we usher in that delightful festival for children of odd ages, let's look back at a few of the milestones we all experienced as children! Perhaps it'll help us to recall the secret to living well!

We begin with what could be considered a child's first addiction!

Today's Lesson
SUCK YOUR THUMB   指しゃぶりをする


  • Your thumb is the short, thick finger that is placed lower on your hand than the other four fingers.

    When babies or children suck their thumb, they hold their thumb in their mouth and pull at it, like when drinking from a baby bottle.
  • thumb とは、手の他の4本の指よりも低い位置にある、短くて太い指、つまり、親指のことです。

    赤ちゃんや子供達について suck their thumb と言うと、哺乳瓶から飲むときのように、親指を口の中に入れて吸う、つまり、指しゃぶりをする、という意味です。



  1. Could you get me a bandage? I cut my thumb while chopping the vegetables.
  2. a: I used to suck my thumb when I was little.
    b: Me too.
  3. The dentist said that if Veronica doesn't stop sucking her thumb soon, she'll have to have braces.

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