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Hello! Since we've got a Challenge Test in the works for tomorrow, today we'll give you a WordMaster double shot. Enjoy the buzz!

Today's Lesson
BRACES / DENTURES   歯列矯正器/入れ歯


  • Braces (plural noun) are a wire device attached to the teeth in order to make them straight.

    Dentures (plural noun) are artificial (= not natural) teeth worn by people who have lost their natural ones.
  • braces (複数名詞)とは、歯並びをまっすぐにするために、歯につける針金でできた装置、つまり、歯科矯正器のことです。

    dentures (複数名詞)は、もともと生えていた歯をなくした人がつける人工の歯、つまり、入れ歯のことです。



  1. I wore braces in high school to straighten my front teeth.
  2. (looking at a photo album)
    What a sweet picture! I didn't know you had braces when you were little.
  3. (dentist to patient)
    Food can get caught in the braces, so it's important to brush well.
  4. Billy's so excited - he gets his braces off today.
  5. Grandpa didn't start wearing dentures until he was 80.
  6. (patient to dentist)
    Do I always have to take my dentures out at night?
  7. Someone's selling a set of dentures on the Internet for $20,000! They say they were once worn by George Washington.

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