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If you used to do something, you did it regularly in the past, but no longer do it now. (Pronounce "used" /yust/.)

(Be careful: We use the word "did" when using this expression in questions or negative sentences, as in "Did you used to like him?" and "I didn't used to sleep so much.")

used to do somethingは、以前は何かをしたものだったが、今はそれをしていないという意味です。(used は、/yust/ と発音します。)

注意:疑問形や否定形のときには、didを使います。 例:Did you used to like him?(以前は彼のことが好きでしたか)、I didn't used to eat so much.(以前はそんなにたくさん食べませんでした)
1.We used to live in New York City, but we moved to the country after we had our first baby.
2.a:What did you used to do for fun when you were younger?
b:I used to play a lot of baseball with friends from the neighborhood.
3. I didn't used to like wine, but now it's my favorite drink.
4.My husband never brings me home flowers like he used to.
5.You used to be able to go to the movies for 200 yen. But that was a long time ago.
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