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Here's a terrific example of how a language can morph in the most unpredictable ways. If you guessed that today's expression has something to do with cats, you couldn't be further from the truth. Actually, the word "kitty" here comes from the word “cater”, an old spelling of the French word “quatre” meaning “four”.

Now take a look at today's WordMaster and see if you can fill in the rest of the story!

Today's Lesson


  • A building - for example, one at an intersection or beside a square or small park - is kitty-corner to another if it's located diagonally across from the other.
  • 例えばある建物が、交差点、あるいは広場や小さな公園の脇にあって、別の建物の対角線上にある場合、その建物は別の建物に対して kitty-corner にある、と言います。



  1. The hotel is in a great location. It's next door to the Public Market and kitty-corner to the Berlitz Museum of Modern Art.
  2. Isn't it odd that the only two coffee shops in town are kitty-corner from each other?
  3. We grew up together. Her house was kitty-corner from mine.

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