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For Life
2009.09.24(Review of 2002.05.14 edition)

Wow, there's sure been a lot to celebrate these past five days! First the weekend, then a day in honor of our elders, and finally the start of a very special season. Well, all that celebrating hasn't left us with much time this week, but we'll try to make the most of the time we have!

Today's Lesson
NEXT DOOR   隣に/隣の


  • If a house is next door, it is immediately next to yours, with no other houses in between. We can also say an apartment, office, store, etc., is next door.
  • 家について next door と言うと、間に他の家がなく、すぐ隣に/隣の、という意味になります。アパートやオフィス、店などについても同様に言うことができます。



  1. Who lives next door to you?
  2. (guest to hotel front desk clerk)
    Would it be possible to get a different room? They're having a party in the room next door, and I can't sleep.
  3. When you move into a new apartment in Japan, it's polite to introduce yourself to the people next door and across the hall by bringing them a small gift.
  4. Our next door neighbors let us pick persimmons from the tree in their backyard.

英会話レッスンAlthough we usually have a WordMaster Challenge for you on the fourth Friday of each month, because of the short week, tomorrow we'll be bringing you another regular edition instead. See you then!