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If one's extended family is like a tree, then today's WordMaster topic - GENERATION - could be thought of as a new growth of branches, a growth ring, or the fruit of a season. We'll let you choose the metaphor while we focus on making the meaning and use of this word clear!

Today's Lesson


  • A generation is all the people in a family or society who were born at about the same time.

    A first-generation Japanese-American is someone who was originally from Japan, but later immigrated to the United States (= went to live there permanently).

    The children of first-generation Japanese-Americans are called second-generation Japanese-Americans, and their children are called third-generation Japanese-Americans, etc.
  • generation とは、ほぼ同じ時代に、ある家族や社会に生まれた全ての人々、つまり、世代のことです。

    first-generation Japanese-American とは、もともと日本出身だが、その後米国に移住した人(そこに永住した人)、つまり、日系アメリカ人一世のことです。

    second-generation Japanese-American とは、日系アメリカ人一世の子どもたち、つまり、日系アメリカ人二世のことです。彼らの子どもは、third-generation Japanese-American、つまり、日系アメリカ人三世、などと呼ばれます。



  1. It's not uncommon to see three generations living together in Japanese homes.
  2. (high school teacher)
    The younger generation knows a lot more about the rest of the world than my generation did at their age.
  3. It's so important that we save endangered wildlife for future generations.
  4. My great-grandfather was a first-generation Japanese-American.
  5. (two American friends)
    a: I'm surprised that so many third-generation Chinese-Americans don't speak a word of Chinese.
    b: Why? Your ancestors were from Germany, but you don't speak German, do you?

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