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In a shrinking world, the country that we call home is not always the country of our ancestors - a situation that's often best expressed with the help of a hyphen!

Today's Lesson


  • A Japanese-American is an American citizen of Japanese descent.

    We can also use similar expressions, such as Japanese-Brazilian or Irish-American.
  • Japanese-American とは、日系アメリカ人のことです。

    似たような表現として、Japanese-Brazilian (日系ブラジル人)や、 Irish-American(アイルランド系アメリカ人)という言い方があります。



  1. There's a Japanese-American family that lives in the apartment next door.
  2. Many Japanese-Brazilians came to Japan in the 1980s and 90s to work. They were called dekasegi.
  3. It's still hard to believe that we finally have an African-American president!

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