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For Life
2009.02.12(Review of 2006.08.10 edition)

Welcome back! We're so glad you're here!
For life is far sweeter when you are near.
We bring you an expression held very dear
By lovers of Yeats, Blake, and Shakespeare.
We're revisiting a work from an earlier year.
Although good back then, now it has no peer!

Today's Lesson
RHYME   韻を踏む


  • Two or more words rhyme when they end with the same sound; for example, “send” and “blend,” “enough” and “stuff,” and “direction” and “connection.”
  • rhyme とは、例えば send と blend 、 enough と stuff 、 direction と connection のように、2つ以上の単語が同じ音で終わること、つまり、韻を踏む、という意味です。



  1. (writing a poem for a Valentine's Day card)
    a: Can you give me a word that rhymes with “love”?
    b: How about “dove” or “above”?
  2. a: Are there any words that rhyme with “silver”?
    b: Er ... No, I don't think there are.
  3. (crossword puzzle clue)
    Opposite of “excited”; rhymes with “sword”.**

英会話レッスンOh, no!
It's time to go!

** Answer: bored