PAY YOUR DUESの意味、下積みの経験をする

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2008.12.03(Review of 2005.04.01 edition)

If you've ever belonged to a club or other organization which required that you pay a monthly or annual fee (“dues”) to join, you'll have no trouble understanding the meaning of today's WordMaster@Work!


  • To pay your dues is to earn a right to do something, through hard work or hard experiences.
  • pay your dues とは、辛い仕事や経験を通して、何かをする権利を得る、つまり、下積みの経験をする、という意味です。



  1. You can't expect to be transferred overseas right away. You have to pay your dues first.
  2. (CEO to his son on his first day with the company)
    Don't expect special treatment just because you're my son. You'll be expected to pay your dues like everyone else.
  3. (a freshman in college)
    First juku then juken and yobiko - I've paid my dues. Now I'm going to enjoy myself for the next four years!
  4. He paid his dues for 15 long years. He deserves his high salary and all the perks of his new position.

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