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2008.09.08(Review of 2006.08.01 edition)


You may be familiar with this bit of pithy wisdom: “Expect the unexpected.” It would make a good slogan for an insurance company, don't you think? Well, it also characterizes the coming week, which we hope will be full of delightful surprises for you. Here's the first!


  • When talking about insurance, to cover (verb) someone means to provide them with insurance protection in case a particular event (for example, an accident or illness) happens.

    Insurance coverage (noun) is protection of this kind.
  • 保険に関して cover という場合、例えば、事故や病気など何かが起こったときに、保険によって保護する、という意味です。

    coverage とは、このような保険による保護のことです。

(insurance) COVERAGE


  1. (car rental agent to customer)
    The insurance that comes with the car only covers you for third-party liability, not for personal injury or damage to the vehicle.
  2. I think we need more flood insurance. Our current policy only covers us up to $10,000.
  3. With this travel insurance, you'll be fully covered for accidents, theft, and other emergencies while you're away.
  4. (asking about automobile insurance)
    Are passengers also covered under this policy?
  5. The movie studio claimed to have bought $1 million worth of insurance coverage for each of the dancer's legs as a publicity stunt.
  6. My compensation package includes a $55,000 salary, annual bonuses, coverage for health and dental, and a pension plan.

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