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2006.03.28(Review of 2004.12.07 edition)

It's good to see you!

What can a company do to stand out from the crowd? How can a business ensure that consumers will remember it when it comes time to buy? Well, here's one answer!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
SLOGAN   標語、キャッチフレーズ


  • A slogan is a short, easy-to-remember phrase used to advertise a product or to neatly describe an organization's mission or outlook.

    Be Careful! In the United States, it's more common to use the word slogan than “catch phrase” (like the Japanese キャッチフレーズ). Also, “catch copy” 「キャッチコピー」 is Japanese-English.
  • slogan は、商品を宣伝するためや、組織の使命や見解を適切に表現するための、短くて覚え易いフレーズのことです。

    注意:アメリカでは、“catch phrase” よりも slogan の方が、より一般的に使われます。また、「キャッチコピー」は、和製英語です。


  1. We've come up with an advertising slogan for our latest special effects blockbuster: “You'll never believe it's just a movie!”
  2. The city is sponsoring a contest to see who can think of the best slogan for this year's Traffic Safety Week.
  3. Get our creative team to come up with a new company slogan. It's time to change our image.
  4. The young candidate for governor won by campaigning under the slogan “It's time to whip this state into shape!”

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