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Of all the flavors the human palate can experience, is there any more universally loved than this one?

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SWEET (food)   甘い(食べ物)


  • Food is sweet (adjective) if it tastes like it has a lot of sugar in it.

    A sweet (noun) is a food that has a lot of sugar in it.
  • 食べ物について sweet (形容詞)と言うと、糖分を多く含んでいる味がする、つまり、甘い、という意味になります。

    名詞の sweet は、糖分を多く含む食べ物、つまり、甘味、お菓子のことです。

SWEET (food)


  1. (customer at a fruit and vegetable shop)
    Are these mikan sweet?
  2. I'm craving (= strongly want) something sweet.
  3. A lot of American desserts are too rich and sweet for me. I prefer traditional Japanese sweets like manju and dango.
  4. I have eleven cavities. I guess I ate too many sweets when I was a kid.
  5. (to a child eating her third Christmas cookie)
    Don't fill up on sweets, dear. Dinner will be ready soon.

英会話レッスンUmm, that was finger-licking good!