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Hello, again! What kind of week has it been for you? Ours has been lovely. It's hard to have a bad week when the world is breaking out in flowery colors and the perfume of spring air is all around!

We hope you enjoy this final day of "Parent Talk" Week 2.


  • When you want to announce to your family that you've finished making the meal and that they can come to the table and eat, you can say, Dinner/Lunch/Breakfast is ready!

    Another way to announce a meal is It's time to eat! or simply Time to eat!
    (Also see the 18 March 2002 WordMaster "IT'S TIME (FOR BED / TO GET UP)"

    A common reply is I'll be right there! or simply Okay!
  • 食事の支度ができたことを知らせたいとき、Dinner/Lunch/Breakfast is ready! と言うことができます。

    It's time to eat! (食事の時間ですよ)や、短く Time to eat! (食事の時間ですよ)と言う場合もあります。
    2002/3/18のWordMaster "IT'S TIME (FOR BED / TO GET UP)" 参照)

    一般的な返事としては、I'll be right there! (今行きます)と言ったり、簡単に Okay! と言ったりします。


  1. Mother: Dinner's ready!
    Child: I'll be right there.
  2. 母親:ご飯ですよ!

It's hard to believe that the next time we meet it will be April!