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For Life
2008.10.27(Review of 2001.02.20 edition)


It'll be a week spent counting down to Halloween. And in honor of that most unusual of all days of the year, when kids and fun-loving adults “dress to kill,” we'll be looking at the fine art of dressing up! Enjoy!!

Today's Lesson


  • To get dressed is to put on clothes. To get a child dressed is to put clothes on a child.

    To get undressed is to take off your clothes. To get a child undressed is to take clothes off a child.
  • get dressed とは、服を着る、という意味です。 get a child dressed は、子供に服を着せる、という意味です。

    get undressed とは、服を脱ぐ、という意味です。 get a child undressed は、子供の服を脱がせる、という意味です。



  1. Hurry up and get dressed! You'll be late for school.
  2. You'd better start getting dressed. Our dinner reservation is for 6:30.
  3. (to a child just out of the bath)
    Let me get you dressed now before you catch a cold.
  4. a: Why are you getting undressed already?
    b: I'm going to bed early tonight. I'm a little tired.
  5. (at a public bath)
    Pay at the register, get undressed in the locker room, and take a towel into the bathing area.
  6. (2-year-old Oliver has fallen asleep in his clothes)
    Do you think you can get Oliver undressed without waking him up?

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