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For Life
2008.07.18(Review of 2004.07.16 edition)

And, of course, no week on greetings would be complete without the most extolled of all human gestures!

Today's Lesson
KISS   キスをする、キス


  • To kiss (verb) someone or to give someone a kiss is to touch them with your lips, as a greeting or as a sign of friendship or love.

    A kiss (noun) is this action.
  • kissgive someone a kiss は、挨拶、または、友情や愛情の表現として、相手に自分の唇で触れる、つまり、キスをする、ということです。

    名詞形も kiss です。



  1. I like the way the French greet each other. They kiss each other on both cheeks.
  2. (junior high school students talking about classmates)
    a: I saw Aki and Keita kissing in the hallway!
    b: You're kidding! Was she kissing him on the lips?
  3. (after a man and woman kiss for the first time)
    I've wanted to kiss you for such a long time!
  4. (mother to daughter)
    It's almost 9 o'clock, honey. Now give me a kiss and go to bed.
  5. Do you remember your first kiss?
  6. Do you see these Xs and Os at the end of the letter? Well, the Xs are kisses and the Os are hugs. It's kind of like signing a letter “With love.”

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