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For Life
2005.05.10(Review of 2002.02.25 edition)

There are some expressions that are simply magical in the way they can keep a conversation flowing and make your speech sound so natural. This is one of those “must-know” expressions!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
YOU'RE KIDDING!   まさか!、嘘でしょう?!


  • We often say You're kidding! when someone tells us something surprising, difficult to believe, or unexpected and upsetting.
  • 何かを聞いて、それがびっくりするようなことや信じられないようなこと、思いがけないことや動揺するようなことだった場合、You're kidding! という表現をよく使います。


  1. a: Guess what! Laura's getting married!
    b: You're kidding!
    a: No. John finally asked her.
  2. a: Glen quit the company yesterday.
    b: You're kidding! I thought he liked working here.
  3. a: The newspaper says it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow.
    b: You're kidding! John and Laura's wedding is tomorrow!
  4. a: Mom, Jenny spilled grape juice on the carpet!
    b: Oh, you're kidding! The stain will never come out!

英会話レッスンWhat?! Today's WordMaster is already over? You're kidding!