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For Life
2008.06.03(Review of 2004.01.06 edition)

Take any period of time - a day, a week, a year - anytime at all, and divide it into three equal pieces. Now what would you call each piece? Read on for the answer!

Today's Lesson
EARLY / MID- / LATE   初期の/中間の/末期の


  • Early means near the beginning of a period of time.

    When the expression mid- comes before a month or other period of time, it means in the middle of that period of time.

    Late means near the end of a period of time.
  • early は、始まりに近い、初期の、上旬の、という意味です。

    月や、その他の期間を表す言葉の前に mid- をつけると、中間の、中旬の、という意味になります。

    late は、終わりに近い、末期の、下旬の、という意味です。



  1. Many people choose to commute to the office in the early morning, before the rush hour begins.
  2. If you plant them now, they should begin to bloom in early June.
  3. Americans have to pay their taxes by mid-April.
  4. I didn't get married until I was in my mid-thirties (= around 35 years old).
  5. We were college students in the late '60s. What a time that was!
  6. Would you like a late-night snack before you go to bed?

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