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Today's WordMaster is about how the whole process begins! It's an act of hope and one of the simplest things we can do to beautify our world!

Today's Lesson
PLANT (v.)    種をまく、植える


  • To plant  a seed, flower, tree, etc. is to put it in the ground so it can grow.

    To plant  a garden or field is to put seeds, flowers, etc. in its soil.
  • plant  は、庭や畑などに、種をまいたり花や木などを植えたりする、という意味です。plant  a seed や plant  a tree などと言います。

    また、plant  a garden や plant  a field という言い方もできます。


  1. Save the earth - plant  a tree!
  2. The students planted  flowers all around the school to brighten it up.
  3. There are a lot of rice planting  festivals throughout Japan in May and June.
  4. The farm workers planted  the field with bent backs.
  5. I'm going to plant  a vegetable garden next year at the side of the house.

Think green!