We continue with the "seeing and hearing" theme today. By tomorrow we hope that you'll be able to use these commonly confused words with confidence.

Here's the Thursday edition!

(Sight -- Part 2)    見る ―― パート2

To see something is to be aware of it through your eyes.

To watch something is to GIVE ATTENTION to something FOR A PERIOD OF TIME in order to see what it is doing or what will happen.

( Be careful: We "watch television" and "watch baseball", "watch soccer", etc., but we can both watch AND see a PARTICULAR television program or sports match.
With the words "movie" and "play", as well as when talking about particular movies or plays, we normally use the word see.)

* Also read the 16 May 2001 WordMaster for more on the difference between see and watch.)



注意: 「テレビを見る」、「野球を見る」、「サッカーを見る」などと言うときにはwatchを使って、"watch television"、 "watch baseball"、 "watch soccer"などと言います。特定のテレビ番組や、特定のスポーツの試合を見る場合は、watch も  see も使えます。
映画や演劇には、単に「映画を見る」、「演劇を見る」と言う場合も、特定のものを見る場合も普通 < see>しか使いません。

* WordMaster 2001/5/16seewatchの違い参照

1.a:We're going to see a movie this weekend. Do you want to come?
b:That would be nice. I haven't seen a movie in a long time.
2.a:How much TV do your children watch in a week?
b:I usually let them watch for about an hour after dinner, and maybe a little longer on the weekends.
3.a:Do you ever watch baseball?
b:Of course. In fact, I just saw a game at the stadium last night.
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