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If you've still got the presence of mind to come up with one of these expressions when the need arises, you've got a cooler head than most of us!

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  • We say That was close! after something dangerous or unpleasant nearly happens.

    A close call is a dangerous or unpleasant situation that nearly happens.
  • 危険なことや、好ましくないことがもう少しで起こりそうだった、と言うときに、That was close! と言います。

    close call とは、もう少しで起こりそうだった、危険な状況や好ましくない状況のことをさします。


  1. (children wrapping a present for their mother's birthday)
    a: Mom's coming! Quick, put her present under the bed!
    (later, after their mother leaves the room)
    b: Wow, that was close! She almost saw it.
  2. I had a close call while scuba diving the other day. The gauge (= a measuring device) on my tank was broken, and I nearly ran out of air before I could get back to the surface.
  3. a: Have you ever had any close calls on the ski slopes?
    b: I almost ran into a tree once.

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