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For Life
2008.01.28(Review of 2003.01.20 edition)


With winter cold season in full swing and hay fever season not far off, this time of the year can take a heavy toll on our bodies. So let's look at some of the ways our various working parts can malfunction when exposed to the elements.

Today's Lesson
SCRATCHY/SORE (THROAT)   (のどが)いがらっぽい/痛い


  • Your throat is scratchy if it tickles, itches, or feels rough and uncomfortable.

    In general, a part of the body is sore if it is painful, especially when touched, or in the case of your throat, especially when you swallow.
  • のどが、むずむずしたり、かゆかったり、ひりひりしたりして落ち着かない状態をさすときに、scratchy と言います。

    普通、体のどこかが痛い場合(特に触ったとき)、sore と言います。 のどが痛い場合(特に飲み込むとき)も sore を使います。



  1. My throat feels a little scratchy. I hope I haven't caught a cold.
  2. A spoonful of honey can help relieve (= make more comfortable) a scratchy throat.
  3. I'm afraid I won't be able to give my talk today. I've got a terrible sore throat.
  4. (to a football player)
    Wow, that was a rough game! Your body must be sore all over.
  5. After an hour in the smoky coffee shop, my eyes were red and sore.

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