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If you ever want to start a fan club for sweets and confections, put us down for a lifetime membership. Because, when it comes to sugar, we just can't get enough!

Today's Lesson
SWEET TOOTH   甘いもの好き、甘党


  • To have a sweet tooth is to like sweets (= foods with lots of sugar, such as cake, candy, and chocolate) very much.
  • sweet tooth とは、甘いもの(ケーキや、あめ、チョコレートなど砂糖が多く入っているもの)がとても好き、つまり、甘党、という意味です。



  1. The chocolates are for my wife. She has a sweet tooth.
  2. If I could only control my sweet tooth, I think I'd have no problem losing weight.
  3. This delicious dessert is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

英会話レッスンUmm, sweet!