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Today's Lesson


  • The conditions or working conditions in a workplace are all those things that affect the people who work there, especially the physical environment and sometimes including things such as working hours, management style, dress policy, etc.
  • conditions または working conditions とは、ある職場で働く人々に影響を及ぼす全てのもの、特に物質的な環境をさし、場合によっては、勤務時間や経営方針、服装規定などを含むこともあります。



  1. Employees were complaining about the dangerous conditions at the factory.
  2. Conditions at the office have improved a lot since it was renovated. You wouldn't believe the poor conditions we had to put up with before!
  3. I can't work under these conditions. Maybe I'll have to work at home until they finish that construction next door.
  4. Labor has reached an agreement with management for higher wages and better working conditions, including reduced overtime and longer vacation and sick leave.

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