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2007.08.30(Review of 2005.01.17 edition)

We all have times when the thought of going to the office doesn't exactly make us want to uncork a bottle of champagne and celebrate, but there's a world of difference between the occasional workplace blues and the subject of today's edition!

Today's Lesson
DISGRUNTLED   不満な、不機嫌な


  • To be disgruntled means to be angry, unhappy, or not satisfied about something.
  • disgruntled は、何かに対して怒ったり、不快に思ったり、不満に思ったりしている状態を表します。



  1. Bob has been feeling rather disgruntled ever since his transfer request to California was rejected.
  2. The staff seems to be increasingly disgruntled. Perhaps a small raise would help improve morale.
  3. a: That clerk was so rude!
    b: There seem to be a lot of disgruntled workers like him these days. Doesn't anybody enjoy their work anymore?

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