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2005.04.13(Review of 2003.11.04 edition)

There are certain things on this earth that one can never seem to have enough of. Except on those days of spiritual clarity when life's truths come shining through, it often seems that money is one of those things. We guess that's why today's WordMaster@Work is never unwelcome!

Today's Lesson
RAISE   昇給


  • A raise is an increase in salary or wages.
  • raise は、給料・賃金が上がることです。


  1. I asked my boss for a raise, but he told me my performance would have to improve first.
  2. All employees get a 3% pay raise every year.
  3. Because of all the new business I brought in last year, the company gave me a raise and some very nice new perks.
  4. If I get a big raise this year, maybe I can afford to buy a new car.

英会話レッスンIsn't it time YOU got a raise?