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2006.04.27(Review of 2004.05.20 edition)


Perhaps the greatest mark of confidence in a company is not to buy one of its products, but to actually purchase a piece of the company itself. Today's department seeks to convince the public that such an investment is a wise one!

Today's Lesson


  • Investor relations is the business of providing information about a company's activities and financial performance to current shareholders as well as to people interested in investing in the company.
  • investor relations とは、既存の株主やその会社への投資に関心を持つ人に対して、企業の活動や財務実績に関する情報提供を行う仕事のことです。


  1. With more and more foreign investors looking for ways to invest their money, investor relations is becoming increasingly international.
  2. I have three years experience working in investor relations at a large retail company.
  3. We're looking for a highly motivated individual to fill a position in our investor relations department. The successful candidate should be comfortable communicating with market analysts and be able to write financial reports on a technical level.

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