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If the search for the perfect Christmas gifts is starting to take its toll on you, it may help to remember that the secret to gift giving may not be in the size of the price tag, but rather in the size of the giver's heart!

Today's Lesson
EXCHANGE (gifts)   (贈り物を)交換する


  • To exchange (verb) is to give something to somebody and (often at the same time) to receive something from them.

    An exchange (noun) is an act of this kind.
  • exchange (動詞)とは、何かを人にあげて、(多くの場合、同時に)その人から何かをもらう、つまり、交換する、という意味です。

    exchange (名詞)とは、このような行為、つまり、交換、という意味です。

EXCHANGE (gifts)


  1. a: How does your family celebrate Christmas?
    b: In the usual way. We have relatives over for a Christmas feast and then exchange gifts.
  2. a: Do you ever hear from Haruko anymore?
    b: Well, we still exchange New Year's cards, but that's about it.
  3. Let's exchange e-mail addresses and try to stay in touch, okay?
  4. When meeting someone for the first time on business, it's common to exchange business cards with them.
  5. After an exchange of toasts, the two presidents shook hands for the cameras.
  6. Some of the people at the office have a Christmas cookie exchange every year during the holidays.

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