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For Life
2006.03.03(Review of 2000.12.26 edition)


There's a saying, “Blood is thicker than water,” which speaks of the importance of family ties. Certainly many people would agree that our most important relationships are with our families, which is why we left this one for last. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson


  • Your relatives are the people in your family, including your parents and grandparents; brothers and sisters; spouse, children, and grandchildren; uncles, aunts, and cousins; in-laws; etc.
  • relatives は、親族のことで、両親、祖父母、兄弟姉妹、配偶者、子ども、孫、おじ、おば、いとこ、姻戚などをさします。


  1. I always enjoy getting together with my relatives over the holidays.
  2. Lately, the only time I see my relatives is when there is a wedding or a funeral.
  3. I have some relatives in Hawaii, so I never have to pay for a hotel when I'm there on vacation.

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