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2007.11.07(Review of 2004.11.10 edition)

Today's edition is just what the doctor ordered!

Today's Lesson
TREAT (a disease)   (病気を)治療する


  • To treat a person who is sick or injured, or to treat the disease or injury, is to give medical care to make the condition better.
  • treat は、病気や怪我の症状を改善するために医療行為を行う、つまり、治療する、という意味で、treat a person または、treat the disease / injury と使います。

TREAT (a disease)


  1. (a doctor)
    This hospital is very busy. I often treat as many as fifty patients a day.
  2. Did you know that Claire's son is being treated for asthma?
  3. His illness was serious and had to be treated with powerful drugs.

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