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Thanks for joining us again. Yesterday we introduced the words accident and disaster. Today we talk about why these are such terrible things when they occur.

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary
DAMAGE vs. INJURE vs. KILL    損害を与える vs. けがをさせる vs. 殺す、死亡させる


  • To damage something is to do physical harm to it, making it less useful or valuable.

    To injure a person or animal is to cause damage to its body.

    To kill a living thing is to cause it to die.

    Be careful:
    The word injure is only used to talk about living things. Use damage for objects, plants, and (sometimes) to talk about injury to SPECIFIC PARTS of a person's or animal's body.
  • damage は、何かの機能を低下させたり、価値を損なわせたりするような害を加える、つまり、損害を与えるという意味です。

    injure は、人や動物の体に損害を与える、つまり、けがをさせるという意味です。

    kill は、生き物を死に至らしめる、つまり、殺すという意味です。

    injure という言葉は、生き物についてのみ使います。 damage  は、物体、植物について、また、人間や動物の体の一部が傷つけられる場合に使われます。


  1. The hurricane damaged hundreds of buildings and has left thousands of people homeless.
  2. Too much sun can damage your skin.
  3. Although the car was badly damaged, fortunately none of the passengers were injured.
  4. a: How did you injure your hand?
    b: It got caught in a machine I was using at the factory.
  5. (news report)
    The worst train disaster in 17 years occurred last night in Southern Italy. Altogether 22 people were killed and 145 injured, many seriously.
  6. Heart disease kills thousands of people every year.

Take care.