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For Life

Hi! We're talking about our health this week, and today we face the enemy and give him a name. Get ready to boo and hiss!

Today's Lesson


  • A disease is a condition - like a cold, the flu, cancer, or heart disease - that causes a person to feel unwell or causes the body to function improperly.
  • disease は、体の具合が悪くなったり、体がうまく機能しなくなったりする原因、つまり、病気という意味です。例:かぜ、インフルエンザ、がん、心臓病


  1. Thanks to modern medicine, many childhood diseases are no longer feared like they were in the past.
  2. Alzheimer's disease usually only affects elderly people.
  3. Cancer is a serious disease that kills millions of people every year.
  4. I read in the paper that two men are showing symptoms of a rare disease normally only seen in poorer countries.
  5. It's still not known what causes this disease, so we don't know how to prevent it either.

Take care of yourself!