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People come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, not to mention personalities. So one can never have too many ways of describing them. This week we give you five more ways. Do you know anyone who fits these descriptions?

Today's Lesson
NEAT   きちんとしている、きれい好きな


  • Something is neat if it's clean and arranged carefully, in a good order.

    Someone is neat if they like to keep things neat.
  • 物について neat と言うと、清潔で念入りに整頓されている、という意味になります。

    人について neat と言うと、きちんとしておくのが好きである、という意味になります。



  1. I try to keep my home neat, but when I get back from the office I have little energy left for housework.
  2. (Michael's teacher to Michael's mother)
    Michael works hard, his test scores are good, and his homework is always neat and on time.
  3. (talking about a co-worker)
    She's very neat. Nothing on her desk is ever out of place.

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