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Enjoy your Thursday WordMaster!

HOMEWORK vs. HOUSEWORK   宿題 vs. 家事

Homework is work -- such as reading, writing essays, and doing exercises -- that teachers tell students to do at home. 

Housework is work -- such as sweeping, vacuuming, washing clothes, and tidying up messy rooms -- that you do to keep your house neat and clean.

(Be careful: Many people consider cooking to be part of housework, while many do not.)

homework は、本などを読む、レポートを書く、練習問題をやるなど、教師が生徒に家でやってくるように指示した勉強のことです。つまり、宿題です。

housework は、部屋を刷く、掃除機をかける、洗濯をする、部屋を片づけるなど、家の中をきちんと整えること、つまり家事のことです。

注意: 料理も housework に含まれると考える人と、そうでない人がいます。
1.Have you done your science homework yet?
2.(a mother to her 11-year-old son)
You can't watch TV until you've done your homework.
3.a:Are you coming with us to the movie tonight?
b:No, I can't. I told my brother I'd help him with his math homework.
4.I hear that Mr. Lambert gives a lot of homework in his class and that his tests are really hard.
5.(a bored housewife)
I'm tired of doing housework
6.a:Does your husband help with the housework?
b:Sometimes he washes the dishes or takes out the trash. But that's about all he does.
Don't forget to do your homework!